Nerf Mod

Some time ago (months, I think), Meredith sent me a link to a site full of Nerf mods. I can’t remember the link, but you can easily search for it. The simplest of the mods was surprisingly simple — no overt changes to the toy and the only equipment needed is a sturdy rubberband. The only caveat is that the Nerf gun needs an external plunger, which many of them do have (they’re often the cocking lever). Just wrap the rubberband around the gun and over the plunger!

Anyway, I had a giant rubberband lying around. It came from one of those cheap balsa planes with the wind-up propeller. The gun was some new thing Hays picked up recently (just as I have to buy my own guns, so does he). Anyway, here’s the mod, cocked. The band is looped through the plunger and wrapped over the barrel. It adds a good 20 feet to the range and significant accuracy (and down-right uncomfortable at point-blank).

Nerf Gun

Some guys I used to work with would frequently decend upon our development team unleashing Nerf assaults and we got pretty good at defending ourselves, but I wish I’d known about things like this — an arms race of sorts with Nerf tech (it got to be a rather expensive hobby).

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2 Responses to Nerf Mod

  1. Barron says:

    When you least expect it…

  2. granddad says:

    Hays will probably become a bigger nerd than you!

    and have cooler guns!

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