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Lord of Time

I was eating a microwavable pizza while watching Doctor Who recently (literally the best show ever, alongsideĀ Parks and Recreation) via Netflix, specifically the Tenth Doctor‘s episode The Shakespeare Code, when I started to think up some lines to a free-verse … Continue reading

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Who knew?

At some point this weekend, maybe like Wednesday or so, I realized that was in a state of disarray. Which really freaked me out because I use WordPress and read Daring Fireball, which means Gruber’s made me paranoid about … Continue reading

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A “Run for Its Money”… har.

For the last year, Daring Fireball and other blogs have kept a close watch on all the phones that are not iPhones. And for the last year or more, there have been a plethora of tech sites where reviewers have … Continue reading

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Looking forward to Iron Man…

or… "Yes, I read Wesley Crusher’s blog!" I think it’s the best comic book movie since Sin City, and blows Transformers and the last two X-Men movies into oblivion.

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Wow, I’m good at not posting.

So, again I state here for the record that I haven’t posted in, like, forever. And that I’ve been busy. And yada yada. There are any number of reasons to excuse my absense (sw release, xmas, new year, promotion, etc), … Continue reading

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Hello again.

Yes, it’s been like forever since I posted. Things are hectic. Life is rambling and keeping up with it has kept me from this. However, I found this and had to share it.

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Bonjour on Linux?

So, I haven’t begun to dig, but I’m about to start hunting around. See, the thing is, I have this Linux server on my home network that occassionally needs access to Casper. Casper is my laptop. It’s a mac. A … Continue reading

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Holy. Crap.

Considering my wife doesn’t even like beer, I think she’s spent a little too much time at the Heineken website: [I have removed the iframe that was here and replaced it with a direct link because it was disruptive even … Continue reading

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Are bowties cool?

I’ve always been fascinated by bowties, but I’ve only ever worn one as part of a tuxedo. And I think in my entire life, I’ve probably worn a tuxedo a grand total of, oh I don’t know… let’s count backwards: … Continue reading

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Total Geek

I’m at the Apple store writing this post on an iPhone. It is very cool but the pricetag is a bit much. The technology, however, is most wicked!

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