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Making money…

When reading the following quote from Daring Fireball out loud: What matters is profit; market share and revenue only matter insofar as they lead to making money. Hays’ comment? “Isn’t that the point of having a job?” I think he’s … Continue reading

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Kids and sports…

Well, the Spring volleyball season has started at our local community center. And Griffin’s gotten her team assignment and had her first practice. She’s very excited about her teammates. Some are friends and some aren’t, but there’s also a handful … Continue reading

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Movie Night

This past weekend the boy and I had quite a bit of time together. Griffin had sleep-overs on both Friday and Saturday. So Friday, he and I were paging through the home-theater channels to see what movies there were. I … Continue reading

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Hello again.

Yes, it’s been like forever since I posted. Things are hectic. Life is rambling and keeping up with it has kept me from this. However, I found this and had to share it.

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Holy. Crap.

Considering my wife doesn’t even like beer, I think she’s spent a little too much time at the Heineken website: [I have removed the iframe that was here and replaced it with a direct link because it was disruptive even … Continue reading

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Labor Day Hunt

This past weekend, Meredith and the kids and I went up to Olney, Texas, to visit my grandparents along with my folks. It was the opening of dove season in the Texas North Zone, and up to just a day … Continue reading

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85 stitches.

Griffin took a bit of a spill today at camp. She’s doing fine now, but she was rather excited earlier. I hope she comes home with all her limbs tomorrow.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly-Looking Mom

So I’m looking just a wee bit on the haggared side today. I took Griff and a friend of hers to the Borders Harry Potter release party last night and it ran — *yawn* — just a tad later than … Continue reading

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Photos from our mini-vacation.

So, as you probably surmised from my last post, we spent a little time at the lake last week. Scenic drive on Memorial Day, boating on Tuesday, and river frollicking on Wednesday. Here are some new Flickr sets of our … Continue reading

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Nerf Mod

Some time ago (months, I think), Meredith sent me a link to a site full of Nerf mods. I can’t remember the link, but you can easily search for it. The simplest of the mods was surprisingly simple — no … Continue reading

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