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85 stitches.

Griffin took a bit of a spill today at camp. She’s doing fine now, but she was rather excited earlier. I hope she comes home with all her limbs tomorrow.

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Rah-rah Rasputin!

In response to Ketan: Is it me, or does Boney M sound a lot like Dieter Meier?

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Harry Potter and the Deathly-Looking Mom

So I’m looking just a wee bit on the haggared side today. I took Griff and a friend of hers to the Borders Harry Potter release party last night and it ran — *yawn* — just a tad later than … Continue reading

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Chertoff Farts for a Safe Society

I have, in fact, laughed out loud at this: Homeland Security Response To Ron Paul

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Total Geek

I’m at the Apple store writing this post on an iPhone. It is very cool but the pricetag is a bit much. The technology, however, is most wicked!

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