In June of 1996, I registered this domain and over the years it’s had lots of different faces. Its most recent prior facelift occured sometime around 2003 or so and was done in FrontPage, shudder. That didn’t last long and the homepage itself has sat dormant for a couple years now.

A while back, I set up a blog at the /daniel sub-directory and kept telling myself as I got more familiar with WordPress that I should ditch the Blogger thing and switch over to WordPress for the entire site.

This site was originally set up as a placeholder in cyberspace for the extended Hedrick family, but over time it’s mostly just become a site for our (small) family.

9 Responses to About

  1. perrin hedrick says:

    im a hedrick

  2. kevin hedrick says:

    Born in Hickory, N.C. grew up in Newton, N.C. and now live in Maiden, N.C. one brother (older) two sisters one older outher one younger.

  3. Nancy Pliska Robinson, PHD says:

    Does that mean I am as smart as a fifth grader? The sum of 0 and 4. Neat blog.

  4. sarah says:

    Ok so I’m rolling in really late here. Forgive me. News from down there trickles slowly up here.

  5. chris hedrick says:

    i was justed surfing the web and found this site.i was looking up things on hedrick trying to find some family history

  6. What’s your e-mail adress? want to keep in touch.
    Barbara and Martin Breheny

  7. Alex Hedrick says:

    You say “My dad mentioned something on Saturday about anybody who wanted an @hedrick.org e-mail to just let me know. That offer still stands.” I cannot find your e-Mail address so I am trying here.

    H. Alex Hedrick, Jr. N8FWL
    SERA Secretary & WV Director


    1021 Woodlawn Avenue
    Beckley, WV 25801-6431

  8. Kelly says:

    My maiden name is Hedrick and I stumbled upon this site. Would love to hear from other Hedricks for family history. We are from Nebraska and Iowa.

  9. Brad Hedrick says:

    Looking forward to reading through the archives!

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