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Who knew?

At some point this weekend, maybe like Wednesday or so, I realized that was in a state of disarray. Which really freaked me out because I use WordPress and read Daring Fireball, which means Gruber’s made me paranoid about … Continue reading

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Family Reunion

I was so happy to visit with all my family this past weekend. Even if the circumstances weren’t the greatest. This is just a short note to let all of them know that if they stumble upon this place that … Continue reading

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A “Run for Its Money”… har.

For the last year, Daring Fireball and other blogs have kept a close watch on all the phones that are not iPhones. And for the last year or more, there have been a plethora of tech sites where reviewers have … Continue reading

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Looking forward to Iron Man…

or… "Yes, I read Wesley Crusher’s blog!" I think it’s the best comic book movie since Sin City, and blows Transformers and the last two X-Men movies into oblivion.

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Making money…

When reading the following quote from Daring Fireball out loud: What matters is profit; market share and revenue only matter insofar as they lead to making money. Hays’ comment? “Isn’t that the point of having a job?” I think he’s … Continue reading

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Um, that was loud…

I sleep pretty deeply. I have since college. It comes from spending days working on school projects with less than a few hours of sleep each night. I kinda trained myself to sleep through pretty much anything. At 2:33 this … Continue reading

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Kids and sports…

Well, the Spring volleyball season has started at our local community center. And Griffin’s gotten her team assignment and had her first practice. She’s very excited about her teammates. Some are friends and some aren’t, but there’s also a handful … Continue reading

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Movie Night

This past weekend the boy and I had quite a bit of time together. Griffin had sleep-overs on both Friday and Saturday. So Friday, he and I were paging through the home-theater channels to see what movies there were. I … Continue reading

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Wow, I’m good at not posting.

So, again I state here for the record that I haven’t posted in, like, forever. And that I’ve been busy. And yada yada. There are any number of reasons to excuse my absense (sw release, xmas, new year, promotion, etc), … Continue reading

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Hello again.

Yes, it’s been like forever since I posted. Things are hectic. Life is rambling and keeping up with it has kept me from this. However, I found this and had to share it.

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