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A “Run for Its Money”… har.

For the last year, Daring Fireball and other blogs have kept a close watch on all the phones that are not iPhones. And for the last year or more, there have been a plethora of tech sites where reviewers have … Continue reading

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Bonjour on Linux?

So, I haven’t begun to dig, but I’m about to start hunting around. See, the thing is, I have this Linux server on my home network that occassionally needs access to Casper. Casper is my laptop. It’s a mac. A … Continue reading

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Total Geek

I’m at the Apple store writing this post on an iPhone. It is very cool but the pricetag is a bit much. The technology, however, is most wicked!

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Link love and an awesome story!

Howard scoops! I read Lindzon religiously. He’s an investor in a friend’s company (Lifelock). This scoop is amazing. I can’t wait to see the direction of the iPhone now!

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Brace yourself….

I know that two posts in one day is COMPLETELY unprecedented, but this is Big News. There’s a new Apple Store coming to town. And it’s less than ten minutes away from my house. Between that and the Ikea store … Continue reading

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Funny is *animated* potty humor

[T]he relative ease of computer animation has taken the medium out of the rarefied hands of, say, Disney’s legendary Nine Old Men and plopped it in the lap of any yutz with a Mac. Flush the Awful Animation

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