Who knew?

At some point this weekend, maybe like Wednesday or so, I realized that Hedrick.org was in a state of disarray. Which really freaked me out because I use WordPress and read Daring Fireball, which means Gruber’s made me paranoid about my WP installation.

It was not totally broken — the theming and images were all busted, so the content just spilled down the page in true-to-html form that this stuff does (yay).

But, this past week was also just totally hairy at work. With a dozen unique projects running simultaneously (some HUGE; some trivial) and a release to production last week, there was funfunfun all week long (where by “fun” I mostly mean trying to keep some people calm and trying to motivate others to freak out. Not really, but yeah. 🙂

It wasn’t until this morning that I was able to try to figure out why WP was mis-behaving. And after about an hour of troubleshooting, I came to a pretty simple conclusion:

There’s no way I’m ever going to figure out why this shit’s broken.

So, instead, I downloaded the very latest version and installed it in a new area and ran an upgrade on my old database (non-reversible, yay!) and tweaked a few config files.

w00t. We’re back in business.

It’s not the exact same, though… I really liked the way I’d tweaked the Prozac theme and that did not come over, so things look different (of course, most of you read this in an RSS reader, so who gives a crap, right?). But then there was trying to figure out why all the photos were busted and blahblahblah.

Anyway, we’re back in business. Not that it matters much, I really don’t blog enough. Stupid twitter.

Oh, and I should probably make sure uploads still work… here’s an unrelated graph (complete with alliteration):

Unrelated Graph

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  1. DAD says:

    Okay – good to see you post something – do I need to worry about this WordPress update? Happy Father’s Day to you too

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