So long… and thanks for all the fish.

Those who’ve known me for a while know that I come from a graphic design background. Actually, technically, it’s an architecture background, but I never really did any of that. I did, however, do lots of design and typesetting for print media. I hadn’t done any real design work for about 10 years, but a few years ago that changed as I took on a logo design project for a friend. Then another. Then I designed some stationery and business cards for another friend. And since I’ve got a printer in the family, I did some pass-through printing (brokering).

Before long, I was doing a fair bit of design work for mostly friends, but I was also doing the occasional referral job, so I decided to set up a dba. It took off. Nothing major, but then again, nothing to sneeze at.

However, recently, I just haven’t been able to answer the phone and take on the jobs and be able to be as reliable and as thorough as I feel like I have to be in order to really do this well. So, I’m doing the only thing that I really feel like I can do. I may (may) take on the occasional design job, but it’ll be a while before I do.

I’ve shut down Tee Squared. It’s a bummer, but it’s the right thing to do.

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2 Responses to So long… and thanks for all the fish.

  1. rich says:

    Farewell. We hardly knew thee.

  2. granddad says:

    You did some great work and I expect we’ll see more – maybe without all the pressure!

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