Home again, home again.

(Technically, I’m writing this on Sunday morning, but I’ve dated it based on our arrival time.)

Well, we’re home. We left Forest City, Arkansas, this morning at 7 am. Two days of 10+ hours of driving. I wouldn’t mind driving longer, but then we tend to sleep late overnight and get on the road late.

All told, we put 2,753 miles on Meredith’s Forester — We started in Texas, and drove through Oklahoma and Missouri and Illinois before getting to Middleton, Wisconsin. Then we spent a day and a half in Minnesota, then back to Wisconsin. When we left Middleton, we spent two days in Chicago, Illinois, then drove from the northern tip of Illinois, to the southern tip; then through Missouri and spent the night in Arkansas. When we left Arkansas, we had driven from it’s NE edge to it’s SW edge.

We’re finally home, though. Yay.

I’ll post pictures and perhaps some sort of travelogue once I’ve gotten everything organized.

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