Let’s go camping!

The kids spent Monday morning at Barton Creek Mall, which is about a gajillion miles from our house, but also happens to be the location of the nearest Apple Store. They were at Music Camp and each made their own Garage Band mix. They both sound pretty good. Hays’ song is a somewhat one-dimensional, Hi-N-R-G rant. It comes on strong, lasts about a minute and dies quickly. Griffin’s has a considerable amount of funk to it and she really composes a good riff with a nifty back-beat bass.

Of course, they immediately came home and started working on other tunes on their own minis. The only problem is that 256 MB of RAM is hardly enough to do any sort of live playback during testing. I think I’ll need to go searching for a putty knife….

On Wednesday (tomorrow), they’re going to Movie Camp and they’ll be taking their own cameras. Of course, they both have a very unique eye when it comes to photography (Griffin’s “Steak Dinner” pic is one of my all-time favs), so I’m sure they’ll have fun. I’m hoping that it’s not a 4-hour tutorial on The Ken-Burns-Effect. No matter, it should be neat (and they’re both wanting to do some movie and game stuff. Maybe I’ll get Griffin to do the cinematics for the game Hays and I are working on (She’s also done some artwork for it).

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