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Time for a car service.

It’s hard to believe I’ve had this car almost a year. I rolled 10k miles on Monday. I hate people who drive while talking on a cellphone. Okay, actually, I hate people who hold a cell phone up to their … Continue reading

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Link love and an awesome story!

Howard scoops! I read Lindzon religiously. He’s an investor in a friend’s company (Lifelock). This scoop is amazing. I can’t wait to see the direction of the iPhone now!

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OMG! 11!

Griffin is eleven. Holy crap. ELEVEN! We went to La Margarita for her birthday. The waitstaff comes out and sings a humiliating song and dresses you in a giant sombrero. Oh, and did I mention the fried ice cream? So, … Continue reading

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Some. Assembly. Required.

Someday, you’re all invited over to my place so I can cook for you. I have to assemble this damn behemoth first, though. It shouldn’t take too long. There are only 18 steps in the assembly instructions. Of course step … Continue reading

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An Inconvenient Watt

Group: Gore a Hypocrite Over Power Bill So, the way I see it regardless of whatever the fuck agenda you may have, you do not get to pull shit like this and get away with it. First-off, saying that you … Continue reading

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From my heart into my hand…

Griffin competed in the Austin Energy 2007 Regional Science Festival over the weekend. Her project on the comparison of household items to commercial lubricants brought home a blue ribbon! She’s disappointed that she didn’t get selected as a Discovery Award … Continue reading

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Home again, home again.

(Technically, I’m writing this on Sunday morning, but I’ve dated it based on our arrival time.) Well, we’re home. We left Forest City, Arkansas, this morning at 7 am. Two days of 10+ hours of driving. I wouldn’t mind driving … Continue reading

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Funny is *animated* potty humor

[T]he relative ease of computer animation has taken the medium out of the rarefied hands of, say, Disney’s legendary Nine Old Men and plopped it in the lap of any yutz with a Mac. Flush the Awful Animation

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Control, control, you must learn control

So, yeah, I’ve installed WordPress and gotten some basic setup and found a theme that is a decent starting point. Let me know if you find anything that’s broken. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be migrating all of my … Continue reading

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Round Rock Restaurant Redux

Things I should be doing instead of blogging this morning: Writing some software. Getting ready for the HMF. Reading a book. Cleaning my office. Elevating my hutch. Finish building those book cases. Installing the kids’ shelves. Etc., etc., etcetera. Ugh. … Continue reading

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